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A Sailing Story: Drugs, Do They Involve the Innocent?:
This is an article on my experiences with having the Mexicans think I was a drug user in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. I was there on my Freedom 28 Cat Ketch sailboat. Of interest to sailors who might want to cruise to Mexico or anyone who has been falsely charged with drugs or has friends who have.



Tips on Lowering Your Blood Pressure Naturally:
Kindle version 3

Nook version 1

Cancer - What To Do After the Doctor Says You Are Cured!
It should be obvious that if one has not removed the cause of one's cancer, then it is very likely to return. Also, if one used carcinogenic methods of treatment such as Chemotherapy or Radiation then those are likely to cause secondary cancers in the future. Cancer is a preventable disease. This article covers some of the methods one would use to prevent future cancers.



Principles of Flight
This article covers one very important principle of flight and is aimed at private pilots. It covers the use of throttle and yoke to control climb and air speed. Confusing these two can lead to hard landings and bad instrument approaches.



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Updated "Principles of Flight"
I have expanded my "Principles of Flight" to cover two more principles. "Why one always files for an alternate" and "The cost of safety is constant vigilance". I changed the name to "Principles of Flight, Revision 1" and submitted it to Kindle Direct Publishing as a new book, choosing the exclusive Select for 90 days.

Cancer strikes my family
This month cancer took the life of my only daughter. I am growing a beard and mustache to indicate my support of alternate cures and treatments for cancer. By this I mean anything other than chemo, radiation or surgery. I am also giving away my article on cancer via Smashwords. Go to your Smashwords account (or set one up for free) and click on the buy button, then enter the coupon code SS64D to get the article for free. This coupon is good for the rest of 2013. Here is the link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/346628.

There are a great many cancer treatments that have passed clinical trials that far surpass the success rate of Big Pharma, which is right around 3%. My article points out many of them and has lots of references to further reading. Cancer is a self inflicted condition and is preventable, but we must take rather extreme steps to prevent it. I am just passing my 6th year free of bladder, skin and eye cancers. Also there are quite a few things that can be done along with conventional treatments to make them more effective and less damaging. I doubt that your oncologist is aware of them, so check with an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) who is familiar with cancer treatments.

copyright disclaimers
I have a pet peeve when authors of digital books demand that their book not be posted on any storage device of any kind anywhere. I don't think they realize that I violate that restriction several times before I even start to read it. First it goes through many servers on the way to me when I download it, each of which makes a copy to be able to send it on safely. Next it gets put on my hard drive, then a copy gets put on calibre, which is a library of all the books I have. In addition it gets backed up automatically to somewhere in the cloud and also to my Drobo drive along with everything else that is new or changes. Finally I put a copy on my Kindle so I can read it. None of these actions risk access by pirates or thieves. I also have the right to send the book to my Touch, iPad or any of the other Kindles I have.

This whole thing is sort of like the speed limit. Most people drive at over the posted speed and don't consider themselves law breakers even though they are. Well, once that law is broken, just how much one is willing to risk is a personal choice. So since we have to break the rules of the copyright, which we don't even know about until after we buy and get the book, then is it OK to push that a little farther and give a relative a copy? See where I am going with this? I suggest the disclaimer as stated by Mark Coker in the Smashwords Guide is the way to go. I go even farther and plainly state that it is OK to back it up but not OK to give it away or post it on a pirate site, particularly since I do not use DRM. Comments anybody?

Last month and updates.
July I sold 14 articles, 8 of them in the UK. I also received a royalty check from Barnes and Noble.

I updated my Cancer article and submitted it to Smashwords as well as adding my Principles of Flight to the Nook. I am working on submitting my Sailing article to Smashwords.

May article sales
1 blood pressure tips article in the US and 7 in the UK. 2 cancer articles in the US. A UK royalty check received.

New article
I have posted a new article for sale on both Amazon and Smashwords. It is short, titled "Principles of Flight" and discusses why one should use the yoke or stick to control airspeed and throttle to control climb or descent. The price is set at the minimum of $0.99 and is aimed at private or sports pilots. This is my 4th article.

March sales
March was a good month. I sold 14 Blood Pressure Tips, 13 in the UK and 1 in the US. In addition I sold one Sailing article in the US. I also made money on my proofing. I charge one dollar per error found that the author agrees with and an upper limit may be placed on the number of errors. Once I reach the limit, I stop proofing and submit the ones I found. I had a couple of books with zero errors, which was a surprise as I usually find at least a few. This is not an editing service but a proofing service. I do occasionally catch an editing error though.

February article activity
I held a one day free promotion of my Cancer article because I didn't realize the time in Select was expiring and didn't want to renew. That gave away 101 in the US, 9 in the UK, 4 in DE (Germany) and 1 in FR for a total of 115. When the two articles, Sailing and Cancer ran out, I re-instated them in the Barnes and Noble store. Outside the promotion, I sold 3 Tips in the US and 7 in the UK, 1 Cancer in the US and 1 Sailing and 1 Sailing borrowed in the US. The borrowed book gains a larger royalty than if I had sold it. My Barnes and Noble sales for February was a big fat zero. It is time to get my articles on Smashwords.
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December Sales
My KDP article sales for December are:
Tips on Blood Pressure: 2 US, 4 UK
Cancer: 2
Sailing: 3

My Pubit! sales for December are:

Total sales 11.
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